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The Czech Republic offer us a variety of radio stations THATWE can listen to at work, in the car, while.

The Czech Republic offer us a variety of radio stations THATWE can listen to at work, in the car, while resting or even during cooking. The great fashion of the totedtime is online radio, Availableon the website. One of the most listened to Czech radio is Radio Impuls. And Rightthis unique radio can be debugged online.

One of the many priorities for this is its availability anywhere even without a radio receiver. Perhaps Everyoneown interenet or at work. And rightthanks to the Internet you can tune in Internet radio Impuls. For its income you do not pay any fees, as is the case for radio receivers.

What awaits you?

Radio Impuls is one of the leading radios, which informs you in time about the latest news and plays the selected music pleasant for any moment. The liveliinginputs of the moderators are always originaland the benefits of each of you, thanks to the arbitrarness and concise to the topics discussed.

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